The modern world is rapidly changing under the influence of globalization, global environmental problems, threats and challenges to international security. Trends in the economy globalization require focus on deepening and expanding integration processes. Eurasia in this sense seems to be a space of geopolitical transformation, and the economic integration of countries on the continent fits into the global trends of modern peacebuilding, opening up great opportunities for the continent countries with emerging markets — the chances to modernize economy, increase their role in world trade, reduce the risks of social threats and inequality disparity, as it was in the era of the Great Silk Road, which played a great role in developing economic and cultural ties between the peoples of Western Asia, Caucasus, Central Asia and China. It served as a conductor of spreading technology and innovation, including in art, religion, technology.

Today China, in cooperation with Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries, began to implement the New Silk Road project — not just as a renewal of the transport route between East and West, but as a large-scale transformation of the entire trade and economic model of Eurasia. However, the New Silk Road runs through countries and regions, where the human capital development index differs significantly. There are great cultural, religious and social differences. How to make so that an attractive deployment of large-scale transformations should not obscure the content of economic development? How to build effective cooperation in the interests of all countries of the Eurasian space and build the Silk Road in a balanced format of an effective trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian development strategy for the countries of the Eurasian space in the interests of a sustainable future?

What will this future be like?

The accuracy of answers and actions to these challenges largely depends on how productively today the modern young generation of the Eurasian countries will be incorporated in innovative technological and managerial processes, participate in determining the strategically adjusted choice of drivers for positive changes in this area for the long term perspective. After all, the future of any state depends on young people from 18 to 30 years old!

In this regard, the Institute for Economic Strategies with participation of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund initiated planning and organization of the International Youth Forum “Silk Road — New Format — Green Standard”, which is an informational, educational and discussion platform giving to its participants — young people from different countries and representatives of state authorities, scientific and business communities, international experts in the field of environmental safety — the opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge, exchange experience and implement their own ideas, projects, inventive developments, the possibility of realizing their own ideas, search for like-minded people.

Educational program with professional trainers, live communication with famous politicians, public figures, representatives of scientific and academic circles and business will allow the forum participants to increase their personal potential, as well as provide an opportunity to build successful interaction on the Eurasian continent, and in the long term the competencies, knowledge and skills acquired during the forum, will influence formation of new elites in their countries.


Modelling a common image of trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian cooperation in the context of coordinated and mutually beneficial development of the Eurasian continent countries and the future as a whole, the future in which young people would like to live and work and for the construction of which they are ready to take responsibility.

  • Search, support and consolidation of talented young people from Russia, Europe and the Asian region countries, who care about the future of their country in the context of developing integration processes throughout the whole space of Greater Eurasia;
  • Contributing to continuation and strengthening of the youth cooperation traditions of the Eurasian continent countries in the future through forming a constructive partnership of the present young generations;
  • Formation and stimulation of innovative strategic thinking of the youth for the benefit of the Greater Eurasia countries in the name of prosperity and stable world order;
  • Formulation by the Forum participants of their own ideas, models of interaction and joint projects in the context of the “New Silk Road” in the interests of regional development and formation of a new image of the Future.

The forum will be held at the State Residence of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 2 under the Office of President and Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, located on the picturesque shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, surrounded by the natural beauties of Kyrgyzstan — a country that has long been in the center of formation of the greatest economic and cultural phenomenon of the world history — the Great Silk Road.

The forum will be held in the format of a dynamic youth strategic game “Eurasia – 2040”, during which young researchers will be offered theoretical and practical tasks for developing innovative projects of

interaction and cooperation of Eurasian countries in the field of industry and commerce, culture and education, ecology and security. Also the intellectual competition “Strategic Matrix — 2019: University

4.0” (with expert support MEPhI) and the photo contest “My Country”, etc. will be held.

According to the results of “Eurasia – 2040” strategic game, the winning team members will have the opportunity to publish results of their scientific research in magazines included in the HAC list —

“Economic Strategies” (ISSN 1680-094X) and “Microeconomics” (ISSN 1817-1591) as well as to take part in educational projects of the Institute for Economic Strategies.

All participants of the Forum will receive participation certificates, as well as the right to free annual subscription to the electronic version of the Economic Strategies magazine, which is the information partner of the Forum.

The Forum program includes panel discussions, round tables, educational seminars and master classes in the framework of thematic sections:

  • “Silk Road: Trade and Economic Cooperation”;
  • “New format: Cultural and Educational Exchange”;
  • “Green Standard: Safe Environment”.

Within the section “Silk Road: Trade and Economic Cooperation”, young researchers will take part in panel discussions and thematic round tables, during which it is planned to discuss the ways of realizing the integration potential in the Eurasian space, as well as prospects for cooperation between the Eurasian continent countries in the sphere of industry, trade, transport and logistics.

Within the section “New Format: Cultural and Educational Exchange”, young researchers will take part in the intellectual competition “Strategic Matrix — 2019: University 4.0” (with expert support MEPhI), one of the results of which will be creation of a workbook on the topic “Concept of the Future Education”; they will visit the cultural center “Ruh Ordo”,  that have combined the history and spiritual heritage of various cultures and nationalities of the world; will present their countries at the creative photo contest “My Country” and will get acquainted with the historical and cultural project “Russia. Flying through ages.

The section “Green Standard: Safe Environment” will consist of several sessions addressing the issues of international cooperation in the field of economic and financial security of Eurasian countries, of countering terrorist organizations, as well as ensuring security in the information environment. The mobile session on the environmental safety will be held on a motor ship, as part of a trip on the Issyk-Kul Lake – the pearl of Asia, which P.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky was comparing with “precious aquamarine in a silver frame of snow-covered mountain ridges.” Forum participants will take a bath in the saline lake water, saturated with radon, and will inhale pure mountain air.